Robert Durst – conscienceless, emotionless zombie lifeform

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He appears almost totally affectless.  No emotional interaction with others.  Living but cheated of a life.

robert-durst-desktopRobert DurstRobert & Kathleen
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More info:

“Bob is incapable of telling the truth,” Douglas Durst said. “He is a true psychopath, beyond any emotions. That’s why he does things, so he can experience the emotions that other people have vicariously. Because he has absolutely none of his own.”

Kirchner, Nisman & Argentina’s Psychopathic Terrorist State Past

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AMIA Special Prosecutor Alberto Nisman found dead in his Puerto Madero home

The body of AMIA special prosecutor Alberto Nisman was found in the bathroom of his apartment in the Buenos Aires City neighbourhood of Puerto Madero late on Sunday.Nisman, who was expected to take part in a closed-door hearing in Congress today to reveal the details of explosive allegations that involved President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman, was found minutes before midnight.

The prosecutor reportedly committed suicide, according to sources, who say he was found in a pool of blood. That information has yet to be confirmed.

Diego Lagomarsino, below, the last person to see Alberto Nisman alive and the individual who lent Nisman the death weapon.

He obviously couldn’t hurt a fly.–fanatics%E2%80%99

Argentine President Says Nisman Killed in Conspiracy

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner said she had “no doubt” that a prosecutor who accused her of graft was murdered, and that he was killed in order to dirty the reputation of her government.

Alberto Nisman was fed false information to accuse the government of intervening in the investigation into the biggest terrorist attack in Argentine history, and then killed to discredit her administration, Fernandez said.

They used him while alive and then needed him dead. It’s that sad and terrible,” she wrote in a statement on her website. “The real operation against the government was the death of the prosecutor.”

Brava Madame President.  The victims of psychopathic/psychopathic modality setups aren’t supposed to call out the perps, lest they appear ‘nutty’.  The attacks are designed as win/wins.  The victims need to ‘call them as they see them’.

Argentina has had a long history with psychopaths in positions of power in the military and security services.

The Family That Disappeared


ABSTRACT: PERSONAL HISTORY about Argentina’s “dirty war” and the writer’s cousin, Daniel Tarnopolsky, 41, whose family was murdered by the junta… Twenty-three years ago, Daniel’s family “disappeared”—the world that has been used to describe what befell an estimated thirty thousand people in Argentina during the years from 1976 to 1983, when the country was ruled by a military junta. Twelve years ago, Daniel filed a civil suit that charged the government of Argentina and two leaders of the junta, Admiral Emilio Massera and Admiral Armando Lambruschini, with the abduction and wrongful deaths of his parents and siblings. What, precisely, happened to Daniel’s family—the bodies have never been found—remains unknown.  . . .




July 15, 1976 evening, Daniel Tarnopolsky is called to his grandmother’s:


Somehow Hugo Tarnopolsky had been persuaded to find and retrieve his daughter, Betina, by his captors.  No doubt he had been made to feel this was necessary to prevent either his imminent death or his wife’s (more likely).  Maybe he felt that ‘as long as I am alive, I may be able to reach the kidnappers’ humanity,’ and found his daughter in order to buy time.  He didn’t realize he was dealing with psychopaths or normal human beings acting in psychopathic modality.  On pure logic, he should have realized that both he and his wife were ‘already dead’, but for that he would have had to given up all hope.

I recall an armored car depot robbery, the psychopathic inside-man robber got the guard in the enclosed bullet proof chamber to come out by threatening another employee, the guard’s friend, who, of course, kept screaming through tears for the guard to come out.  Somehow the psychopath persuaded them that he would then allow both to live.  But of course, they were both killed immediately.  Psychopaths have an uncanny ability to manipulate normals’ emotions, tuning in to their targets’ most wishful thinking.


“Like mad dogs going after their prey.”


What are we supposed to do?  Delete our Facebook pages?  But that’s impossible.


The execution of strings of relatives, friends, associates.  At least this monstrous quote makes it clear that keeping a small, low profile as possible will be of little help.

passage_5 passage_6

I don’t think the “Dirty War” (“as though there were two sides”) was the issue at all.  It was the excuse.  As we see from below, evidence wasn’t necessary.  The point of subjecting the population to terror was the continuation of their own power and the subjugation of everyone else — pure evil.


This is a complete horror story.  Sadly, the ultimate fate of the Tarnopolsky’s was almost certainly to have been drugged, stripped naked and thrown out of helicopters to their death in the sea:

Death Flight Tale Rekindles Memories of ‘Dirty War’ : Argentina: Ex-officer describes throwing leftists out of planes into sea. Thousands believed victims of this policy.


BUENOS AIRES — Stripped naked and drugged unconscious, 13 political prisoners lay in a row on the airplane floor. Before he threw them out into the dark sky over the South Atlantic, Adolfo Francisco Scilingo recalls, he thought of photographs from Nazi death camps.

And he still does. The freeze-frame image comes back to torment him again and again, he said in an interview. “The mental problem I have is there when they were piled up, I mean, when they were lined up, very similar to the World War II photos.”

Scilingo, a former lieutenant commander in the Argentine navy, is making headlines here with detailed accounts of his participation in death flights that were used to eliminate suspected subversives under a harsh military regime. His confessions have rekindled searing memories of this country’s “dirty war” against leftist guerrillas in the late 1970s and early 1980s, when an estimated 9,000 to 30,000 people disappeared after being seized by security forces.

. . .

In 1977, he was in charge of the motor pool of the Navy Mechanics School, then a notorious center for the detention and torture of political prisoners in Buenos Aires. He said that up to 20 prisoners from the school were dropped into the ocean during flights every Wednesday over a period of about two years–and that most navy officers were assigned to participate in at least one flight.

He headed the extermination crew on two flights in June or July of 1977. Here is his account of the first one:

On a Wednesday afternoon, he reported to the basement of the school officers club, where 13 men and women prisoners had been selected for the flight. “They were told that they were going to be transferred to a prison in the south and for that they had to be vaccinated.”

The “vaccine” was a sedative that made them groggy, barely able to walk. Many had to be helped up the stairs and into a waiting truck.

Scilingo knew that his mission was to kill the prisoners. “You ask what I felt. At that moment, I didn’t feel anything. I mean, I didn’t feel anything because I was doing a job. . . . I still wasn’t conscious of the problem. I still hadn’t accepted the reality.”

The flight left from the restricted military zone of Aeroparque, Buenos Aires’ in-town airport. A navy physician on board injected the prisoners with a second sedative, which put them to sleep. Then Scilingo and other crew members began undressing them in silence.

“It was a tense situation, a nervous situation,” he said. His “first shock” came when a young noncommissioned officer, overcome with emotion, began to cry.

“I tried to explain to him the unexplainable. . . . I told him it was a mission required by the Fatherland, that that was the way things were, that we had to accept them. . . . For me, it was traumatic.”

When all of the prisoners were stripped, Scilingo suddenly grasped the enormity of the scene. “There are all the bodies, all undressed, still alive, and I knew it was (in preparation) to throw them out in a little while–I can’t get over that shock.”

As chief of the extermination crew, Scilingo said, he helped carry the victims to the plane’s open door one by one, and then, “I personally threw them out.”

. . .

Emilio Mignone, a lawyer and human rights activist who has written books on the dirty war, charged that the policy of secretly killing “subversives” was decided in meetings at the highest levels of the armed forces and that the death flights were part of that policy.

They invented a system that they thought was a solution no one would find out about,” he said. “They knew the ocean currents, and they threw them where the currents would carry them out to sea.” . . .

From the New York Times:

“I have spent many nights sleeping in the plazas of Buenos Aires with a bottle of wine, trying to forget,” [Mr. Scilingo] said. “I have ruined my life. I have to have the radio or television on at all times or something to distract me. Sometimes I am afraid to be alone with my thoughts.”

. . . Horacio Verbitsky, a reporter for Pagina 12 to whom Mr. Scilingo gave his account, say that for the country to move ahead, all sectors of Argentine society, including the military and the church, must acknowledge their role in the crackdown.

For a wound to heal and scar properly, you first have to clean it thoroughly and not leave infection inside,” Mr. Verbitsky said

But the role of psychopathy has never been explored. 

I have no doubt at all that this execution system was planned by actual psychopaths.  “They invented a system that they thought was a solution no one would find out about,” Emilio Mignone said. “They knew the ocean currents, and they threw them where the currents would carry them out to sea.”  It has those psychopathic characteristics:  beyond the pale cruelty of almost unimaginable savagery – we’re less than bugs on a windshield to them; arrogance – to think they could hide it; shallow calculations – their childish minds; their stubborn belief that the rest of us are just like them – they thought their normal accomplices would stay silent.

The weakest point in the psychopathic admirals’ strategy was that non-psychopaths can not carry out psychopathic orders unscathed.  The defeat of the Argentinian psychopathic terrorist state, however, came only with the overreaching of General Galtieri’s Falklands/Malvinas war.

There are other horrors still unplumbed.

Argentina’s campaigning grandmother finds grandson born to death camp mother

Estela Carlotto, founder of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, says 36-year-old pianist named Guido is the child stolen by military regime from Laura Carlotto, who was killed after giving birth.


Back to the present, President Kirchner needs to evaluate all the players in the Alberto Nisman saga for possible psychopathy.  Also explore Argentina’s civil commitment policies — top level psychopathic criminals will almost never expose themselves to legal sanction, however if a case can be made that they are psychopathic menaces to society, they should be hospitalized as the criminally insane.

“Psychopaths’ Brains Don’t Grasp Punishment, Scans Reveal”

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Genetic cocktail — psychopathy genetic markers

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DRD2 A1, DRD4 7-repeat, 5HTTLPR/rs25531, COMPT (or COMT) Met108/158, MAOA-L (corrections welcome).

So, . . .which one, if any of these, is the no fellow-human-feeling, no empathy, no guilt gene, . . .where do full-genetic-dose psychopaths such as Stacey Castor or Michael Swango fall on this (actually they are not full spectrum full dose psychopaths — they did have the capacity to exercise restraint and to strategize, but on the other-humans-are-just-bugs continuum they are full dose)?

Psychopathy marker — “Neurodevelopmental marker for limbic maldevelopment in antisocial personality disorder and psychopathy”

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“Illustration of normal septum pellucidum (thin membrane separating the lateral ventricles) in a non-antisocial control (a) and the cavum septum pellucidum in an individual with antisocial personality disorder (b).

Coronal magnetic resonance image slices are at the level of the head of the anterior limb of the internal capsule, caudate, putamen, accumbens, and insula. Highlighted within the bue box is the septum pellucidum, dividing the lateral ventricles and bordered superiorly by the body of the corpus callosum and inferiorly by the fornix. The normal control (a) shows a fused septum pellucidum, whereas the participant with antisocial personality disorder (b) shows a fluid-filled cavum inside the two leaflets of the septum pellucidum.”

Would visitors who find us through an interest in the relationship between psychopaths, cats or other animals please leave comments?

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Many come to this site through searches for the relationship between combinations of the above.   I don’t know why.  Please feel free to share any thoughts or experiences — there are no “wrong” observations and PCness is not necessary.  What cat behaviors lead you (and there are many of you) to think that cats are able to recognize psychopaths?  All I have here is one paragraph and some comments.

Unusual search: Can cats sense someone is a sociopath?

This is the first time I’ve ever seen this search.  All I can say, the most extreme female sociopath I’ve ever known said cats and dogs hated her.  Was this just something unique to her or do dogs and cats have some innate sense of fairplay?  Did they recognize her as a rapacious, reptilian-minded predator?  I don’t know.

  • . . . there are both psychopaths and sociopaths that happen to love animals but have no regard for human life. Then there are, some that have no regard for life in general, other than their own.Leaving the article so broad, it’s not necessarily a good idea.

    It’s true to some extent, animals, like some people are a good judge of character but it’s not true for every animal or person. There are some dumb / too trusting people, cats and dogs out there as well.

    Animals, since they tend to have a lot more non audible or visual cues and pay attention to them more often than we do to each others body language, the animals know when they are in danger more often than humans do.

    It also has to do with bio-chemistry too, since animals can smell things most humans cannot, they can tell if someone is a danger to them or not, or they can even smell “fear” and that they are “easy prey”.

  • thebrunswickpapers Says:

    I had a sociopathic friend once who told me she hated animals. She said that her mother-in-law’s cat would sit on her lap when she visited her inlaws. She said she pretended to like the cat’s attention. Later she told me about the stray dog that stayed under her house. Her husband wanted to keep the dog. I think he finally got his way. She then posted a photo of herself holding the dog on a blog. She and her husband are trying to adopt. Isn’t that scary?!!!. I think I’m the only person who knows she’s being a fake.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Cats are sociopaths :

  • alearner Says:

    yes cats and dogs have something against sociopaths the female sociopath i was with was morbidly afraid of even the smallest dogs.

  • Cats can, but dogs can’t. This is why Female Sociopaths have small dogs. It serves the function of making them look compassionate in the eyes of others.

    They see the dog as an object, not a life. No matter how much they tell you their pet dog is their “baby”, female sociopaths will begin shopping for a replacement dog before the previous dog has died. This is something a human being who loves their pet would never think of doing. Apart from the stress a new dog may cause a dying old dog in the last weeks of its life, this also shows how for all their “my baby!” talk the female sociopath sees the dog as an object with no real love for it. Which is also how they see people.


To my ex and her criminal cop friends: Get the hell off my phone line

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Last night once again I heard those sounds that I know to be my ex tapping my phone line, or rather, the cops tapping the line for her.  Of course, as the psychopathic cop said in Training Day, it’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove that counts.

Here’s how it goes.  You go to non-NYPD law enforcement, say the DA’s office.  You say, ‘I think my phone is being tapped — there are unusual sounds and the suspect shows up where I am by surprising coincidence.’  They say, ‘OK, have that verified by the phone company.’  ‘But they work hand in hand with the local police.’  ‘How do you know the police are involved?  Is she living with a police officer?  In any case, only the phone company has the capabilities, we don’t.’

For decades, the NYPD has been unconstitutionally allowed to illegally bug suspects, they just can’t use the information in court.  But they can gather it as they wish.  This really means they can tap anyone they want.  The phone company and their technicians know this full well, essentially becoming their accomplices.

So you call Bell Atlantic/Verizon, ‘Please check my line for taps.’  ‘OK, will do.’  Then the day before the appointment there’s a message on your answering machine saying ‘Hello, this is the telco, with a reminder that you have an appointment tomorrow to check your phone line for taps.’  Shortly, an hour or so later, the line is as clean as a whistle.  There isn’t a whisper of additional noise.  And, of course, nothing is found.  It might as well be a code to tell cops to temporarily clean up their act.  No phone company will ever find a police phone tap.

I once was talking to a technician at a spy shop looking for something that would detect police taps.  He had nothing. He also said, he couldn’t foresee an officer risking his career in such a manner.  I said, if he can’t be caught then what’s the risk, and why would he ever stop?  And to myself I said, particularly a what-me-worry, can’t-possibly-lose psychopathic police officer ever stop.  This case may be the Guinness world record for longest period of phone tapping — over a decade, under two.

For a time, five – eight years, it seemed to be twenty-four/seven, as though someone was living my life with me.  Also a girlfriend of the time even said, ‘I don’t want to sound crazy, but I think my phone may be tapped.’  Then it fell to a few days a week, or once a week, or just a couple times a month.  When I started this series of posts in June the problem disappeared, after being a steady once a week.  In the last couple weeks it seems to be back.

On the other question, ‘How do you know police are involved.’  So I hire the services of an database private eye.  There is no obvious link.  Unfortunately the results are left on my answering machine, against my request.  (If you don’t give contact info to private eyes they get nervous about your motives.  So I gave them contact info, but requested that they not use it.  Oh well.  Private detectives are also annoying in another way:  a psychopathic detective will NEVER find any information on a psychopath — which is amazing.)

In NYC, there is no designed mechanism to complain about the local police.  Any complaints will be forwarded to the local precinct.  Early in the process, I filed a complaint in another precinct concerning 20-30 calls a day to my answering machine.  I was told that the complaint couldn’t get a file number until it was forwarded to the home precinct, which it was, the report then disappeared as did the calls.

Moreover the DA’s office has a conflict of interest.  Police cooperation is necessary for their cases.  It is against their interest to act on an anonymous citizen’s complaint.

New York City needs an independent prosecutor for police misconduct or an independent investigatory body with subpoena powers and the power to appoint temporary prosecutors.


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