Unusual search: Can cats sense someone is a sociopath?

This is the first time I’ve ever seen this search.  All I can say, the most extreme female sociopath I’ve ever known said cats and dogs hated her.  Was this just something unique to her or do dogs and cats have some innate sense of fairplay?  Did they recognize her as a rapacious, reptilian-minded predator?  I don’t know.

Other searches

Pseudologia fantastica in real person: Yep, it’s real alright.  Actually if one is not immediately caught up and swept away by the pseudologue’s “pity play” then they are more obvious than regular sociopaths — their stories are so extreme and fantastical.

How to get a workplace sociopath to leave: Good luck.

How to let go of a sociopath: This will happen when your soul (not your mind) realizes there is no soul in the other person.  If this doesn’t happen, perhaps the other person is not a sociopath or perhaps you are actually fighting a realization that one of your parents is sociopathic ($50 please).

Or in the emotional immediacy of transsociopathica‘s words:

A few months after you have recovered you will wonder what you ever saw in these things. They will rapidly seem cold, ugly, empty, pathetic, distorted and almost deformed to you. That’s because this is what they are, always were, and you are finally perceiving them in their real unmasked state. This ‘broken beast’ is all that’s left and the only memory you’ll have of them going into the future. It’s all they deserve, because it is all they are.  http://transsociopathica.blogspot.com/2009/10/farewell-my-sociopath-hello-real-love.html

Sociopath at parties: Due to few inhibitions and no shame they can be real lives of the party.  Read “The Incredible Charlie Carewe” ($94, http://www.amazon.com/incredible-Charlie-Carewe-Mary-Astor/dp/B00005W69S Some are also very, very skillful at party crashing.

Sociopath and blackmailing: Goes together like ham and eggs.  They love crimes without consequence.

Pictures of  Thomas Capano: Hmmm.  This is a repeat search.  He’s the only one of my blog’s possible sociopaths (more than possible in his case) whose picture people seem particularly interested in.  I don’t know why.

I was with a sociopath for 8 years…why? For one thing, since no one is ever informed of this possibility as they are growing up or upon reaching romantic age, it often takes years for someone to realize their situation.  Also, as the sociopath often cons relatives of the non-sociopath, individuals in your position are really on their own.  Addressing this is one of the main missions of my blog.

You have a lot of company.  Ann Landers was married for thirty years to the sociopath, in my opinion of course, Jules Lederer (who she described as the best salesman in the world).  They met while she was shopping for a wedding dress for her upcoming marriage to another person.  Just the kind of challenge that might appeal to a “super” sociopath.  Also, as I recall, her sister, Dear Abby, criticized her after the divorce for not understanding her husband.

Are sociopaths giving to neighbors and friends? I have witnessed such behavior, but it was only used to engender goodwill to set up later depredations.  Like a “pity play” (all sociopaths excel at inducing people to feel sorry for them) it brings people to their side emotionally.  Often, it seems, they want a reservoir of protectors before they commit their antisocial depredations (such as date/friend rape, “dress gray” rape, tricking a teen neighbor into prostitution, outright thievery, “murder by suicide” bullying (this is no exaggeration), blackmail, etc.).  They want the accuser to be met with angry disbelief (anger that such a nice person would be accused).  Not only do they wish to protect themselves through “plausible lies,” they want to place their victims in the position of having to claim “implausible truths.”

Can God change a sociopath? The short answer is no.  That would be akin to changing a stone into a block of wood, or lead to gold.  If the question is actually can sociopaths be lead to see the error of their ways and cease being sociopaths, unfortunately the answer is absolutely not.  Sociopaths have their own nature, they are the way they are born to be.  “Socially acceptable psychopaths” (SAPs) who, by definition are capable as passing in normal society, can choose whether or not to follow society’s norms and laws but they can’t feel them.  Justice and empathy are just empty words, even to them.  This searcher might be interested in the post,  “More structural brain abnormalities seen in psychopaths,” over at Psychopathy 101, http://psychopathy101.wordpress.com/2009/09/28/more-structural-brain-abnormalities-seen-in-psychopaths/.  I think its clear that most sociopaths are born with these brain structures.

Drifter & sociopath: The drifters and rolling stones of life are in fact often sociopaths, driven by boredom and lack of emotional bonds.  Boredom is simply one of their prime driving forces.  Thus the backwaters, catch basins and outposts of empires or large nations have a much higher sociopathic percentage — for example, California, Australia and New Zealand.

Will my baby be born a sociopath?: Here’s a heart breaker.  From the little I know, it seems the genetics of sociopathy is very complex.  I’ll try to look into this further.  If this searcher was attracted to a sociopath because one of her parents was sociopathic the odds aren’t good.

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11 Responses to “Unusual search: Can cats sense someone is a sociopath?”

  1. Yes we are a DNA testing company – buy our great DNA tests

  2. I find this article intriguing however there are some glaring inaccuracies in it as well. Saying someone that is of a sociopath or psychopath for that matter doesn’t have a soul. That doesn’t make any sense scientifically speaking. If someone says to you that psychopaths and sociopaths don’t have emotions, that too is wrong. If they didn’t have emotions at all, they wouldn’t feel the need to kill something or someone for “annoying” them.

    From what I gather and understand about the psychopathic and sociopathic mind is that they have a different set of rules and priorities they go by, not what is expected of them by society.

    Also, there are both psychopaths and sociopaths that happen to love animals but have no regard for human life. Then there are, some that have no regard for life in general, other than their own.

    Leaving the article so broad, it’s not necessarily a good idea.

    It’s true to some extent, animals, like some people are a good judge of character but it’s not true for every animal or person. There are some dumb / too trusting people, cats and dogs out there as well.

    Animals, since they tend to have a lot more non audible or visual cues and pay attention to them more often than we do to each others body language, the animals know when they are in danger more often than humans do.

    It also has to do with bio-chemistry too, since animals can smell things most humans cannot, they can tell if someone is a danger to them or not, or they can even smell “fear” and that they are “easy prey”.

    • pathwhisperer Says:

      On emotions, basically the theory is that they only have shallow emotions, linked to biological drives and immature development. I have known a few who seemed to be utterly emotionless, almost like human calculating machines, emotionlessly calculating what emotion to mimic at which moment.

      Of course, it is complicated. I argue that in the instance of the serial killers Dahmer and Bundy, that their killing sprung from vast unmollified infantile rage. Both, as I recall, were left “emotionally unclaimed” (or even left in the neonatal ward for months (I don’t have the specific facts at hand)) and never bonded. Then as adults, they had both adult and psychopathic talents that the still rageful and still present infant could use to act on its rage.

      Regarding animals of course nothing is cut and dried.

  3. thebrunswickpapers Says:

    I had a sociopathic friend once who told me she hated animals. She said that her mother-in-law’s cat would sit on her lap when she visited her inlaws. She said she pretended to like the cat’s attention. Later she told me about the stray dog that stayed under her house. Her husband wanted to keep the dog. I think he finally got his way. She then posted a photo of herself holding the dog on a blog. She and her husband are trying to adopt. Isn’t that scary?!!!. I think I’m the only person who knows she’s being a fake.

  4. A. Hunt Says:

    “Can God change a sociopath? The short answer is no”.

    I would answer this yes AND no. At age 14, I was in prime mental condition to become another Rodney Alcala. However, it is my belief I later turned into a socialized type psychopath due to all the classes I took in the humanities. Every class taken within the humanities drills into your brain an appreciation for, guess what? Humanity! This is precisely why engineering students should never be allowed to graduate without them. We need humane engineers more than we need humane psychologists.

    On the other hand, my struggle with life has not gotten any easier since I was 14. I continue spend all my conscious efforts to hold a job. I can do it but it’s not easy and never for more than 5 years. I take Rx drugs in order to stay alert enough to work. I take opiod pain killers to get my pain down to where I can concentrate. The doctors who prescribe the stimulants cannot know about the doctors who prescribe the opiods. In our society, taking two types of class one narcotic is not allowed. Because of the stimulants, I occasionally get severe depression. And then there’s the severe muscle tension headaches lasting 3 days which have also always been a big part of my life. Even with the drugs, I feel the effects of no self control. I’m not committing any illegal acts but I am not doing what I feel I should be doing, either. So, in that sense, the song remains the same.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Cats are sociopaths :http://www.mile73.com/?p=400

  6. alearner Says:

    yes cats and dogs have something against sociopaths
    the female sociopath i was with was morbidly afraid of even the smallest dogs.

  7. Cats can, but dogs can’t. This is why Female Sociopaths have small dogs. It serves the function of making them look compassionate in the eyes of others.

    They see the dog as an object, not a life. No matter how much they tell you their pet dog is their “baby”, female sociopaths will begin shopping for a replacement dog before the previous dog has died. This is something a human being who loves their pet would never think of doing. Apart from the stress a new dog may cause a dying old dog in the last weeks of its life, this also shows how for all their “my baby!” talk the female sociopath sees the dog as an object with no real love for it. Which is also how they people.



    • pathwhisperer Says:

      Hmm. Interesting. Any other ideas about or experiences with this out there? That searcher obviously had a reason for making that search.

  8. [...] Finally, The Path Whisperer touch on an amusing yet very serious question, Can cats sense someone is a sociopath? https://pathwhisperer.wordpress.com/2009/10/09/unusual-search-can-cats-sense-someone-is-a-sociopath/ [...]

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